Google Adwords

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    Google Ads, previously Google AdWords, is a powerful and sophisticated platform that broadcasts your advertising messages. Google’s offer is very large and very effective. Google Ads consists of several different networks that are constantly evolving. This platform allows you to target users at different stages along their decision-making process.

    Google Ads – Search Network

    With a Search Network campaign, you can display your ad based on the information you’re looking for on this platform. A text ad is displayed to users looking for information corresponding to your services. Google’s platform makes it possible to target searched keywords and associate them to an advertising message.

    Placed before and after search results, these text ads help capture your potential customers’ attention. Even if these ads have an “Ad” mention, they still look similar to a standard search result and are effective at attracting people to your website.

    Google Ads – Display Network

    Through a Display Network campaign, you can display your banner ad on more than 2 million different sites. It is possible to target people based on their demographic profile, interests, and behavior. All targeting criteria can be used together to get your ad to the right person at the right time.

    Demographic criteria can be used to target people by age, gender, or geographic location. The criteria related to their interests are determined based on the sites visited by the user and their previous Google searches.
    Google AdWords also allows you to target people based on their behavior. You can display a different advertisement to someone who has already visited your website, as well as display an advertisement for a specific product to someone who has recently viewed this product on your website.

    Google Ads –  YouTube advertising

    YouTube ranks second among the most popular websites on the internet. With over a billion users accessing more than a billion hours of video every day, this video platform is a great place to stream your content. YouTube’s advertising tools are integrated into the Google AdWords platform. You can use targeting criteria similar to those of the display network to display your advertising to your targeted audience.

    YouTube advertising formats are diverse and suitable for many different types of digital campaigns.

    How much does an Ads campaign cost?

    Google AdWords works like an auction. The cost of advertising depends on supply and demand. The more competition there is in one area, the higher the cost of advertising. In the search network, bids are based on a cost per click (CPC). You set the maximum cost that you are willing to pay to receive a click on your ad. It is this CPC that determines which advertisements are displayed. The higher your CPC bid, the more likely your ad will be in first position. With this type of campaign, you only pay when the user clicks on your ad. No charges apply until a visitor clicks.

    In the search network, the cost of a click varies greatly by domain. In more specialized areas where there is little competition, you can pay as little as $0.50 for every CPC. However, in areas where people take action quickly and there is a lot of competition, you can expect to pay much more for a single click. Generally, the CPC varies between $1 and $2.

    In the display network, you can also choose to bet on a cost per thousand views (CPT). With this type of campaign, you bet on a type of profile. Google AdWords has a variety of targeting criteria. The more precise the target, the higher the CPT. For example, if you want to advertise to 1,000 singles from all single people in Canada, the cost will be lower than if you wanted to target only single people in Canada who like natural products. Depending on the chosen criteria, expect to pay between $2 and $5 per thousand views on the Google AdWords display network.

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