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    Your Website has a significant potential for generating sales. An efficient digital marketing strategy will allow you to increase your enterprise revenue.

    Acquisition of goodwill

    Your website has significant potential for generating sales. An effective digital marketing strategy will allow you to increase your business revenue.

    Digital advertising

    Thanks to advertising networks like those found on Facebook and Google, you can generate greater visibility with your target audience. By leveraging key words with Google AdWords, your business will appear whenever a customer performs a search. At the moment your targeted customer is shopping, your company needs to show up, stand out, and be their first choice.

    Facebook advertising comes with several advantages. You can show your offer directly to an intended audience via precise criteria, and you can also call attention to your presence via advertisements on the Facebook pages of users who have previously visited your business’s website.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    In Canada, most information searches are conducted via Google. Your business exists if and only if it is displayed on the first search page. This ensures large visitor traffic and potential customers, making your website a smart and cost-effective investment which will further increase your business’s visibility.

    By improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of your website, you will increase your presence with your target clientele as well as your website visitor traffic.


    Conversion is the transformation of a visitor (anonymous client) into a customer or identified prospect (lead). In order for conversion to happen, a visitor must feel confident and find their information quickly. Everything must be put into place to obtain a conversion.

    With ecommerce sites, a purchase is considered a conversion. In some cases, the conversion happens off-line. For example, we may want to direct the visitor to a brick-and-mortar store or have them call.

    Your site should inspire enough confidence to encourage a visitor to contact you. Website credibility is a key contributing factor when converting a visitor into a customer. Your online presence level will be proportional to your gain in number of customers.

    KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

    Measuring the performance of your online presence is essential to ensuring its optimization. In order to be effective, the performance measurement should be carried out using a dashboard displaying Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Each KPI measures a significant and critical aspect of your business (e.g. conversion rate). By keeping track of your KPIs, you will be able to measure the success of your digital marketing tactics and take any required corrective actions.

    A well-orchestrated digital marketing strategy, combined with a customized dashboard designed for your business, sets the course for the success of your business.