Google Analytics - Intermediate

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    Course objective:

    To understand in detail how Google Analytics works in order to install and use it. This course may be used to obtain Google Analytics certification.

    Target audience:

    This course is aimed at those who would like to improve their Google Analytics know-how. Once completed, it will provide you with the knowledge needed to obtain Google Analytics certification.

    In order to improve results, you must first be able to measure them. Google Analytics is a very effective tool to adequately measure your website performance and better understand your website usage. You may use this information to optimize your website.

    This course covers two parts.

    1. Google Analytics Implementation :

      • Reminder: How cookies work
      • Customized dimension
      • Customized metrics
      • Filter Configurations
      • Cross-domain visitor tracking and monitoring
      • Enhanced ecommerce monitoring
      • Google Ads integration and audience remarketing
    2. Google Analytics advance use

      • Advanced segments usage
      • API for data extraction
      • Dashboard: Google Data Studio introduction
      • Conversion attribution