Remarketing Advertising

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    What is remarketing

    Remarketing is when an advertiser displays a publicity to a visitor that he recognizes based on a previous visit  to their website. This publicity is directly related to the content that picked visitor interest during the previous visit. Very popular in e-commerce sites, this practice is now prevalent in many industries.

    You can now do remarketing across multiple platforms and advertising channels. For example, you can target Facebook profiles of people who have already visited your website.

    Remarketing advertisement campaign

    The remarketing campaign opportunities are huge. This concept is gaining popularity because it usually gives very good results.

    On Facebook, remarketing can become an additional criterion for your targeted ad. You can combine targeting criteria to reach a specific audience among visitors to your website.

    In the Google Display Network, remarketing displays your message in the available ad slots. Google advertising reaches 90% of Internet users through its network of more than 2 million websites.

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