Google Analytics - Beginner

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    Course objective:
    Understand how Google Analytics works in order to be able to interpret its results.

    Target audience:

    This course is aimed at those who would like to measure their website performance in order to optimize efficiency. Beginners are welcome!

    In order to improve results, your first need to be able to measure them. Google Analytics is a very effective tool to measure your website performance properly. This Google tool allows you to better understand your website usage. You may use this information to optimize your website.

    This course covers two parts.

    1. How Google Analytics works :

      • javascript snippet Google Analytics
      • Data collection
      • How cookies work
    2. How to use Google Analytics

      • Understand how to navigate through the user interface
      • Know the most important key performance indicators
      • Compare results
      • Partition results
      • Conversion and objective setup
      • Demonstration

    This course is geared to those who would like to understand and interpret a Google Analytics report.