Dashboards and
performance measurement

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    Performance measurement is central to all actions that you undertake daily. A reliable dashboard allows you to make decisions based on fact, including information that will enable you to correctly characterize the consumption patterns of your target clientele. It’s why we believe it’s essential for your business to put a personalized dashboard into place to accurately keep track of paths selected by your customers.

    Our team of experts uses tools such as Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to measure the impact of your campaigns. The objective is to know your Return OInvestment (ROI). We can help you measure and optimize results.

    Data Sources

    We can build dashboards based on information originating from:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Ads
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Sheet
    • Facebook – Page Statistics
    • Facebook – Advertisement Statistics
    • Customized sources

    Dashboard examples

    Here are some dashboard examples we can build for you:

    • Online presence summary
    • Digital Advertising – AdWords and Facebook
    • YouTube channel
    • SEO performance
    • Newsletter performance
    • Sales


    Contact us to learn how to assess the acquisition cost of a customer and help you measure your Return On Investment (ROI).