Facebook Advertising

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    Effective Facebook advertisement

    For a Facebook advertisement to be effective, it must reach the right audience with the right message. Keep in mind the context in which your message is received. You must quickly catch the user’s attention. The user must stop their information streaming and have their interest aroused by your publication.

    There are several Facebook advertisement formats to quickly attract the user’s interest. Each format has its own particular features. For example, in order to maximize your chances to have a successful Facebook advertisement video, it is recommended to add subtitles to your video. Facebook is predominantly accessed from a smartphone and very often in silent mode. Therefore, subtitles allow you to reach more clients.

    If you wish to use image advertising format, avoid superposing text messages in order to adhere to advertising standards. Your offer must be described in the text portion of the publication and not on the image!

    How much is Facebook advertising?

    Facebook advertising works like an auction where the offers are in the form of bids. The more your targeting criteria are precise, the higher are the bids. To spread-out your message at a lower cost, you can sometimes consider using more general criteria.

    For example, it is fairly expensive to target Facebook users from a specific region who have visited your website in the past.  On the other hand, to spread-out an advertisement without targeting a large population costs much less.

    Generally speaking, Facebook advertising is one of the most affordable tools to display your message to a targeted audience.

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