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    To be successful online, it is essential to rank among the top search results. Being present on the first results page of search engines such as Google ensures visitor traffic that’s interested in your services.

    Increase your presence visibility

    To rank on the first page of search results, you need a well-built website with good content. Your SEO ranking may sometimes seem mysterious. Even though not all criteria used by Google to determinate how search results are sorted are known, there are some elements you can put in place to help ensure success.

    How search engines work

    In order to improve your SEO ranking, it is important to understand how a search engine works.

    Google, Bing, and other modern search engines all function the same way. The first step is the exploration phase. Crawlers are sent by search engines to your site to explore. During this phase, a copy of your website is saved by search engines. This step is called indexation.

    Once a search is performed, the search engines use their internal data bases to determine which pages should be displayed in the results. This is done via an algorithm that’s a well-kept secret! Google’s algorithm, for example, uses over 200 different criteria to build search results. Only 20 are known.

    Your website’s SEO Structure

    To maximize your chance of success, your website must be built using a structure that encourages exploration by search engines. The crawlers (bots) must be able to circulate freely when they explore. You can indicate the content to explore through robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

    The robots.txt file prevents search engines from having access to certain parts of your website. In the case of a website using a content manager, you can prevent indexing pages linked to the management console.

    The sitemap.xml file is a directory of all your website’ pages. This way, you can supply a list of all pages that you wish to be explored and indexed by search engines. This file may also be used to prioritize certain content.

    When the search engines crawlers (bots) explore your web pages, they need to be able to understand their content. Using the right HTML tags is very important, as they are linked to the title and page description, which should be prioritized.

    Your website’s SEO content

    The search engine’s objective is to find the answer to users’ questions. In order to have your pages displayed in the results, they need to provide content that can respond to these questions!

    To obtain a successful SEO ranking, your website needs to have the right repository structure containing the right content.

    To maximize your chance of success, your website content must include keywords that are often searched by users. Special tools are required to identify these keywords.

    External links to your site

    Link creation from other sites to your website pages is a way to gain notoriety with search engines. The importance spent on links is the basis of the first version of the Google algorithm. The theory is that the more a page receives links from external sites, the more it gains in reputation. This reputation is shared with other web pages when you perform a link to another web page. The more the site that creates a link to your site receives links, the bigger the impact. Talking about you and talking with others contributes to improving your site popularity and notoriety. You will build your reputation on all these inbound and outbound links.

    To achieve a successful SEO ranking, a good link strategy is required. Your site must be present and acquire links from websites or industry-specialized publications. You may also consider a presence on websites of associations, unions, and events related to your field of business.

    Improving your search engine ranking

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