Digital Advertising

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    Digital advertising is a very powerful way to reach your target customers. They are searching on Google and surfing around on Facebook.  They navigate on Youtube and are consulting LinkedIn without being able to find you. Let us change this situation!

    Google Adwords

    The moment at which your potential customer is performing searches is extremely important. You need to be visible during this critical moment. Google Adwords allows you to display your advertisement among the Google search results while your customer is shopping online.

    Clicks on Adwords advertisements represent 30% of the clicks on a page from search results. Beat your competition and take advantage of this opportunity to become visible and thereby increase your sales.

    Facebook Advertising

    With more than two billion active Facebook users, social network became essential to reach specific types of clientele. The Facebook advertising platform allows you to reach its users in different ways.

    To differentiate yourself on Facebook, you must select visually interesting advertisements. You may create advertisements from a picture, a set of photos or videos. Advertising message visual overload must be avoided.


    Remarketing displays advertising to people who visited your website. Thanks to Facebook and Google networks ubiquitous presence, you can follow your potential clients after a visit to your site and therefore collect a wealth of information on their consumption patterns.

    The popularity of this type of advertising campaign is rapidly growing since it typically produces excellent results.  Remarketing, on Facebook may be combined to all targeting criteria already available. You may therefore personalize your message by filtering a subset of your website visitors.

    Several possibilities are offered by remarketing on the Google network. Your website audience can also be filtered in such a way that the advertisement is displayed only to visitors corresponding to a specific sociodemographic profile or to particular areas of interests. Possibilities are endless and equal to your creativity.