Digital advertising training -
Campaign planning

Speak with a digital marketing expert

    To understand the full potential of today’s digital advertising in order to better plan your marketing budget.

    Target audience:
    This course is aimed at those who would like to plan or manage digital advertising campaigns.


    Buyers spend more and more time online. Even while sitting in front of the TV, they often have a phone or a tablet in their hands. Digital advertising is very popular since it allows you to reach buyers right where they are.

    Digital ad channels keep growing. You can reach buyers through industry giant networks such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and you can also target potential customers on websites and social media.

    There is no limit to campaign opportunities! That’s why it’s essential to properly plan your digital marketing efforts in order to gain maximum benefits.

    This course covers three parts.

    1. Some digital platform overviews

      • Google Ads
      • Google Display Network and remarketing
      • Facebook & remarketing
      • Instagram
      • LinkedIn
      • Waze
      • Snapchat
    2. Planning

      • Your customer progresses
      • Management budget evaluation and advertising placement
      • Expectation management
    3. Performance measurement and R.O.I

      • Multichannel measurement
      • Dashboards
      • Attribution